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Henry Taylor

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Having played basketball for quite a few years, it was great to experience the basketball culture of Spain while meeting new teammates who I will surely be keeping in contact with. Exploring the surrounding area in Lloret de Mar, as well as an excursion to Barcelona, gave us the chance to bond as a team outside of practice.bWith a multitude of teams across different age groups, the sport hall was a positive environment to prepare for the challenges of the basketball season. Only a 5-minute walk away from the sports hall, with a pool and buffet, the hotel was a brilliant place to relax and refuel after intense training sessions and games. The homely hotel was a safe space for meeting new people from other countries and participating in fun activities such as water polo. Whilst helping us to develop as players, the BTM staff involved were also inclusive, encouraging, and clearly passionate about basketball and ensuring we had the best time. I highly recommend it!

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