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Pro Skills Basketball London ’23

By admin

Thanks to BTM, our Pro Skills Basketball U12 and U14 players from the States had an incredible experience during our basketball and London tour. BTM organized a perfect itinerary, including our trip’s highlight: playing against four talented teams from London and the surrounding areas. It was a dream come true for our young athletes to compete internationally and experience the basketball scene in London firsthand.

Beyond the competitive games, BTM ensured we explored the best of London and Brighton Beach, from iconic landmarks to immersing ourselves in the local culture and cuisine. The accommodations provided were comfortable and conveniently located, making our stay enjoyable and hassle-free.

Throughout the tour, BTM’s friendly and professional staff made us feel like we were traveling with friends who wanted the best experience for our players. The tour perfectly blended sports excitement and cultural exploration, leaving a lasting impression on our young athletes and their families. We highly recommend BTM to anyone seeking a personalized and unforgettable journey that combines competitive basketball with the wonders of London.

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